All Nighter Bundle w/ Diffuser

Frankie & Myrrh



That final is due in 6 hours. The clock strikes 2. Do you fall asleep and fail, or do you persevere, finish that paper, and pass that class? I'll tell you what you'll do. You spray that Study Buddy spray, roll some of that Study Buddy roll-on on your temples, and diffuse that Study Buddy essential oil blend with your portable desk diffuser (USB powered). 

You ace that final.

You ace that class.

You become valedictorian. 

You join the secret society of money and success.

You become President.

You find the fountain of youth.

Turns out the fountain of youth is actually Study Buddy essential oil.

You wake up from your dream! You fell asleep because you didn't use Study Buddy to help you focus on your final! 

You fail the class.

You drop out of college.

You become homeless.

You earn just enough to buy a vial of Study Buddy.

You use it and learn how to be successful.

You join the secret society of money and success.

You become president.

You create a time machine.

You go back in time and create Study Buddy.

You try to sell it by writing long, rambling product listings.

It works. 

You become successful beyond your wildest dreams.

You can't take the stress of running a successful company.

Oh, but you can. With Study Buddy. Buy it now!


Bundle includes:

1 Study Buddy Spray 2oz

1 Study Buddy roll-on 10mL

1 Study Buddy Essential Oil Blend 10mL

1 Portable Essential Oil Diffuser Green Air Scent Pod


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