Citrus Mistress --- Thank You Ma'am, May I Have Another Spritz -- Submit to Neroli

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Citrus Mistress --- Thank You Ma'am, May I Have Another Spritz --- Submit to Orange Blossom --- Citrus with an Attitude  --

Sweet..then she takes your nose to the edge with a tickling bitterness.. you never know where Citrus Mistress might take you.  Become tied up and chained to her smell.  Not everyone can take this bitter sharpness.  It's only for the strong-willed.

Neroli (Orange Blossom) is a much sought-after oil widely used in fine fragrances. It takes approximately 100 lbs of blossoms to produce 1 lb of Neroli essential oil and the blossoms are hand picked! But all the work is worth it for that unique scent. Neroli has a citrus, floral smell with a pleasant bitterness to it.

Neroli is the common name for the essential oil of the orange blossom of the bitter orange tree. Madame des Ursins, the princess of Nerola, Italy, is credited with giving the oil popularity by using it to perfume her gloves and her bath.

The scent starts on top with a medley of refreshing citrus: Bitter Orange, Bergamot, Lemon. Neroli stands out in middle with its beautiful, sweet sting to your nose. At the very end Sandalwood adds depth.

Citrus Mistress is a light freshwater aromatherapy spray. We call it a perfume with a purpose. Always breathe in the aroma as you are using it. Use it as a deodorant spray under clothing and as a body mist after a shower. With a spritz or two it really helps freshen you up without being overpowering like synthetic perfumes. Works great as a room freshener, car freshener, or linen spray. Carry it in your purse to help sanitize your hands.

**** For best aromatherapy results: Spray several times into cupped hands, place hands over nose and mouth, close your eyes, then inhale deeply only through your nose for 30 seconds or more. Repeat for more effect.

Our essential oils are top quality, unadulterated products suitable for therapeutic use. Blends are hand mixed in small batches.

Avoid getting product in eyes. 2.0 fl oz spray in a glass bottle.

Made with 100% natural ingredients. No synthetic dyes or fragrances.

Neroil info below:

Botanical Name: Citrus aurantium

Common Method Of Extraction: Steam distilled

Parts Used: Flowers

Note Classification: Middle

Aroma: Light, sweet-floral fragrance, with a terpeny top note

Largest Producing Countries: Morocco, USA, Italy, and France

Traditional Use: In perfumery neroli is used as both a base note and a top note depending on the oils that it is blended with. It is also known for its calming effects.

Properties: Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, carminative, fungicidal, sedative, tonic

Safety Data: Generally considered safe.

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Citrus Mistress Rollie

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