Essential Oil Essentials Starter Pack w/ Diffuser

Frankie and Myrrh

We put together a collection of some of the most beneficial and widely used essential oils to start your aromatherapy journey. This package also comes with a versatile, portable fan diffuser to enjoy your new oils! Diffuse each individual oil, or combine and create your own one of a kind blends at home! Diffuse your blend and show everyone who walks by that you know what smells good.


1 Portable Essential Oil Diffuser

2 Refill Packs

1 10mL Lavender Essential Oil

1 10mL Eucalyptus Essential Oil

1 10mL Peppermint Essential Oil

1 10mL Orange Essential Oil

Portable Essential Oil Diffuser is perfect for traveling as it is quiet and battery operated. It is also powered via USB, so it is perfect for office desks.


For more information on each individual oil, please visit their respective pages. 





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