Go-Scrub-Yourself Loofah/Scrubbie ---Go scrub yourself in the cutest way imaginable.

Frankie & Myrrh

Go-Scrub-Yourself--- Flip Flop Loofah/Scrubbie

My Mom crochets these adorable scrubbies for us. Scrubbies like this are normally round, but my Mom is from Hawaii so of course they wound up being flip flops.

A super scrubbie/ loofah for anything that needs scrubbing. Take it to a pedicure, exfoliate in the shower, clean your shower, or wash your dishes. You fingers slip right into the flip flop and it stays in place on the palm of your hand. Once your hand is slipped into the flop it is like a scrubbie paw that makes quick work of your scrubbing task.

Hand crocheted from nylon netting. Go Scrub Yourself scrubbies are long-lasting and quick-drying.

*** A color will be chosen for you, unless you request a certain color------color availability varies -- my mom doesn't take color requests from us, we kinda get what we get for our stock,--- However, she will happily custom make colors for customers upon request. Please contact us at frankieandmyrrh@gmail.com, if you would like a specific color.

Type: Scrubbie

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