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Nepali Rope Incense | Lumbini - 45 Ropes

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Our fragrant Lumbini Nepali Rope Incense is crafted from herbs of the high Himalayas. 

The scent is exotic and spicy. Used for Rituals, meditation, concentration, purification, of body, mind and spirit.

Approximately 45 - four inch ropes are artfully packaged in bundles of hand rolled lokta paper. Handmade in Nepal.

To burn your Rope Incense, light one end as you would a standard incense stick. Once it's alight, blow out the flame to allow the stick to smolder and release its aromatic smoke. Rest a lit stick in a heatproof dish, rocks, or a Rope Incense Burner. Allow to cool before disposing of the ash.

Natural herbs, gums, resinoids and sandalwood.