Purple People Pleaser | Rollie

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Purple People Pleaser  |  Rollie
Purple People Pleaser  |  Rollie
Purple People Pleaser  |  Rollie
Purple People Pleaser  |  Rollie
Purple People Pleaser  |  Rollie
Purple People Pleaser  |  Rollie

What does it smell like?

Floral, herbaceous, life-changing

What oils are in it?

Organic French Lavender

What does it do?

 What doesn't it do? Perfect for sleep, relaxation, headaches, sunburns, bug repellent etc.

More Info

Purple People Pleaser --- 10 mL Rollie --- When In Doubt, Use Lavender.

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French lavender for life's many issues. Purple People Pleaser stands alone as our most versatile roll-on. It is the one we suggest the most for gifting. People are very, very likely to like the smell and everybody can find a use for it around the house, or on the go.

We often tell people that if they were stuck on an island with just one oil, they would probably want to pick French Lavender. It can help soothe sunburn, headache and get you to sleep at night. It repels most bugs and is very deodorizing.

Purple People Pleaser is an all-natural perfume. It isn't overwhelming like synthetics. Wear on your pulse points. Apply to temples for headache relief. Roll on skin to relieve irritation and itching. Roll on upper chest as a sleep aid. Contains Jojoba and Fractionated Coconut oil for superior absorption of the essential oils into your skin.

10 mL / .33 oz.Roll-on

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Organic French Lavender Essential Oil, Vitamin E

**Please consult your doctor before use, if you are pregnant or have any medical condition. Avoid getting product in eyes. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent disease. Individual results may vary.

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