Vanilla Essential Oil / Perfume Oil

Frankie & Myrrh

Frankie & Myrrh Vanilla in Jojoba

10 mL CO2 Extract in Jojoba -- Natural Perfume for Vanilla Lovers

Our vanilla is sweet and smooth with very faint nutty undertones. It can be worn directly on the skin as a natural perfume. We blend our vanilla with jojoba for superior absorption into the skin.

12% Vanillin Carbon Dioxide Extract at a 10% dilution in jojoba oil.

Country of Origin: India

There is no pure vanilla essential oil. What is termed Vanilla Essential Oil comes in several forms: Absolute (solvent extracted), CO2 Select(carbon dioxide extracted), SCO2 Total (supercritical carbon dioxide extracted), and oleo-resin (normally used in large commercial applications) . Theses forms of vanilla come in differing percentages of vanillin, the main constituent. Be wary of products sold as pure vanilla essential oil because they are diluted, fake and/or synthetic.


10 mL/ 0.33 fl oz

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