What is our return and exchange policy?

All returns/exchanges/refunds must occur within 90 days of purchase date. If you are not happy with your purchase, please contact us via email at info@frankieandmyrrh.com or via phone at (415) 602-1493 and we can arrange for an exchange or refund. 
Here are the details:
1. Products must be returned to us either in its original packaging or packaging to protect products from breakage. You are responsible for paying for return shipping costs. 
2. For refunds, once you have a tracking number, email it to us at info@frankieandmyrrh.com and we will process the refund.  Please note that original shipping costs are not refundable. 
3. For exchanges, please email us the tracking number, and let us know what you would like in exchange. We will contact you if there are differences in price. 
Please send all returns to:  
Frankie & Myrrh, 121 West Washington Street, Napoleon OH, 43545


So, how fast do you ship?

We can't influence the weather, the post office, or the shipping gods, but you can be sure that when we receive your order, our goal is to pack it up and ship it the same or the next business day. First Class mail may take up to 10 days during the holiday season, while Priority takes around 2-3 days. If you need it there yesterday, time machines are yet to be invented.

When we see an Express order, we drop everything and make sure that order is in the post office and scanned ASAP. Express orders take 1-2 days.

Same idea with International orders. But they may take up to 25 days to get to you depending on your region.

*The Covid pandemic may add 2-4 days to your expected delivery date. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Is this a Multi-Level Marketing business?

Nope. Unlike the big boys in the essential oil game, we feel people should have access to quality essential oil products at a fair price with no obligations, strings, or special conditions.

How do I use the sprays?

For the best aromatherapy effect, spray several times into cupped hands, place cupped hands tightly over nose and mouth, keep eyes shut, and then breathe deeply for 60 seconds or more. 

It may also be used as a very light perfume or cologne. It works great as a room freshener, car freshener, or linen spray.  If you are using a spray to aid in sleep, you may also spray it on your pillow, bedding, and shirt collar before bed.

How do I use the roll-ons?


Are your oils organic?

Many of our products are either organic or wild crafted, meaning they are grown and harvested in the wild. But they are not all 100% organic. We hesitate to list them as organic because there isn’t a consistent international certification or regulation that constitutes what makes them organic. Many oils are just not available certified organic because of where they are grown. Because of this, ALL of our oils are tested for purity to ensure there are no additives or fillers.

Are your oils diluted?

Unless the label says diluted, these are pure oils. By design, we do dilute some of our pure and already tested oils in fractionated coconut oil to provide a premium oil like rose or jasmine at a not so premium price.

Are your oils therapeutic grade?

The FDA does not regulate nor do they have a grading system for essential oils. We do not use the term "therapeutic grade" for the sake of transparency and honesty. Our oils ARE tested for purity, and we believe we have some of the best smelling oils around. If we were to assign our oils an arbitrary grade, however, they would be galactic grade.

Are your oils ingestible?

We suggest oils be smelled rather than tasted.  The effect of an oil is faster and better when it is inhaled or applied topically with the proper dilution. We do not suggest ingesting our oils, however, with the proper supervision by a trained aromatherapist and some super serious safety precautions, some select food grade oils can also be ingested. Keep in mind that essential oils are very concentrated, non-water soluble, volatile compounds made from thousands of pounds of their original source and can be extremely harmful if not used correctly.  In our opinion, it just isn't worth the risk. 

What brand of essential oils do you use?

We use Frankie & Myrrh essential oils. All our oils are tested using gas chromatography to ensure pureness. We source our oils from very reputable suppliers from all over the globe. If possible, we source from farms here in the United States.  

Are your products vegan?

Yes, our products are vegan and cruelty-free.  We only test on our human friends. 

What oils are good for headaches?

We recommend products with a majority of either peppermint or lavender. Generally speaking, it is better to use the peppermint-based ones during the day as they are more energizing and lavender ones in the evening as they are more relaxing. Most important is to go with the smell you like more.

Inhaling the sprays provides faster action but you do have to repeat more often. Many people prefer applying the roll-ons to the temples and upper chest area for slower-acting but longer relief. I use the rollies more, because they are smaller and just more convenient for me to carry around or to stick in a glove box, etc. However, if I have really splitting headache I spray the Study Buddy in my hands and inhale deeply for fast relief. Here are some links to products that can help:


 Do you accept orders placed outside the U.S.?

We sure do! 

International customers, please note: Purchaser is responsible for any duties, tax, or import fees assessed on your package. Because of customs delays and other factors, delivery of your package can take 2-12 weeks or longer. As these aforementioned issues are beyond our control, we ask for and appreciate your understanding in this matter


How long will it take to receive my order?

We always advise customers to upgrade their shipping options if they have must-have-by dates to meet, especially when great distances are involved. We do everything possible to expedite the process by shipping orders as fast as possible. 

Please keep in mind that upgraded shipping will still need 1 business day to process. We do guarantee same day processing on orders placed Monday-Friday before 3 PM PT.

Once shipped, most standard domestic orders take anywhere from 2 to 10 business days to arrive, depending on the efficiency of the US Postal Service. 

Shipping will be postponed if you pay with an e-check on PayPal. We must wait until the check clears before we can ship.

For international orders:  

International orders normally take between 1-4 weeks or longer.  Due to long distances, customs, and other issues beyond our control, we ask for and appreciate your understanding.  If you need your order sooner, upgraded, faster shipping options are available during checkout.  Please note that all taxes, customs fees, import duties, VAT are to be paid by the customer in the country in which the package is received.