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Clear Quartz Tumbled Crystals Set of 3 (1 Inch)

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Are you on a quest to energize your life, amplify your intentions, and connect with the universe? Meet your sparkling new friends!

These handpicked, high-quality clear quartz specimens have been tenderly tumbled and polished to reveal their radiant beauty. Each gemstone is about an inch in diameter and showcases its own unique patterns of sparkling clarity and mesmerizing inclusions that capture the essence of pure light.

Clear quartz, known as the "Master Healer," is a versatile and powerful crystal, traditionally associated with amplifying energy and manifesting intentions.
  • Amplify energy: Clear quartz is believed to boost the energy of other crystals, making it the perfect addition to any collection or crystal grid.
  • Manifest intentions: Program your clear quartz with your desires to create a powerful manifestation tool that aligns with your highest self.
  • Enhance clarity and focus: Experience the harmonizing energy of clear quartz that can help clear mental fog and sharpen your focus.

Each set comes with a helpful quick guide showing you how to cleanse, charge and take care of your new clear quartz crystals!