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Chakra Spectrum Tumbled Crystals Set of 7 (1 Inch)

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Seeking a comprehensive crystal toolset that brings together wisdom, balance, courage, prosperity, and much more? Immerse yourself in our magnificent collection! This exceptional set unites seven diverse tumbled crystals: amethyst, clear quartz, lapis lazuli, red jasper, red agate, tiger's eye, and green aventurine.

Meet Your Multifaceted Crystal Companions

Each handpicked, high-quality crystal in this set has been tenderly tumbled and polished to reveal its inherent beauty. Ranging in size from 0.75 to 1.5 inches, these gemstones are a radiant kaleidoscope of colors and energies, each boasting unique patterns and properties that echo the magic of the universe.

1️⃣ Amethyst: Offers tranquility, emotional balance, and spiritual growth.

2️⃣ Clear Quartz: Amplify energy, manifest intentions, and enhance focus.

3️⃣ Lapis Lazuli: Awaken inner wisdom, encourage self-expression, and harmonize energy.

4️⃣ Red Jasper: Provides grounding energy, boost courage, and promote balance.

5️⃣ Red Agate: Harmonize emotions, energize and protect, and enhance creativity.

6️⃣ Tiger's Eye: Instill courage, clarity, and attract prosperity.

7️⃣ Green Aventurine: Brings luck, foster emotional well-being, and stimulate personal growth.

Embark on a Multicolored Adventure

Our splendid set of tumbled crystals makes for an extraordinary gift that covers the full spectrum of healing, manifestation, protection, and much more. Share the Cosmic Catalysts with friends and loved ones, or revel in their varied energies all by yourself – your secret is safe with us!