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2 Pack Nag Champa Scented Mountain Sage 4" Smudge Sticks

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Nag Champa Scented Mountain Sage 4 inch bundle. Pack of 2!

Burning sage, or smudging, is an ancient spiritual ritual established by some Native American tribes among others. Purify your space with antimicrobial properties of smudging sage as well as clear negative energy from your home, yourself, or any object with bad vibes. Smudging has also been used to boost your mood and soothe stress, and not to mention, it smells great!

1. Remove people from room unless they are carrying bad vibes.

2. Make sure to leave windows open for smoke to escape.

3. Light the end and blow it out quickly as it catches. Direct smoke to areas you’d like to cleanse or leave to smolder on heatproof bowl or dish.

4. Dip in bowl of sand or ash to extinguish.

Mountain Sage, Nag Champa Scent