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Red Jasper Tumbled Crystals Set of 3 (1 Inch)

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In search of grounding energy, courage, and strength? Allow us to present our magnificent set of three tumbled red jasper crystals. 

These handpicked, high-quality red jasper specimens have been attentively tumbled and polished to reveal their vibrant beauty. Each petite yet powerful gemstone, ranging in size from 0.75 to 1 inch, displays its own unique patterns of warm reds, burnt oranges, and earthy hues, resembling a captivating dance of flames.

Red jasper, known as the "Supreme Nurturer," is a grounding and stabilizing stone traditionally associated with courage, determination, and balance. 

  • Ground and stabilize: Red jasper is believed to provide grounding energy that supports emotional stability, self-confidence, and a strong connection to the Earth.
  • Boost courage and determination: Channel the invigorating energy of red jasper to face challenges head-on and pursue your goals with unwavering resilience.
  • Harmonize energy: Attract balance and harmony into your life by aligning your root chakra with the nurturing vibrations of red jasper.

Each set comes with a helpful quick guide showing you how to cleanse, charge and take care of your new red jasper crystals!