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The Bitch Kit - Gift Pack for Bitch Emergencies

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Our one of a kind blend comes at you three times in this bundle deal. You get the world famous Spray the Bitch Away. You get the Roll the Bitch Away. You get the Bitch Blend essential oil blend.

Why suffer the slings of outrages fortune, when you could spray it away! With a blend of clary sage, rose geranium, bergamot, and lavender essential oils, this is a trip to aromatherapy heaven. 

Spray the Bitch away is a light, freshwater aromatherapy spray. For extra bitchy moments, spray in your hands, close your eyes and inhale deeply for a minute. For general irritability, we recommend just spraying it in the air and enjoying this uplifting and calming scent.

The roll-on version of this blend is carried by jojoba oil, and it's perfect for the skin. Use this as a perfume, on your pressure points; temples, wrists, etc., or anywhere you want smelling great.

Diffuse the Bitch Blend! Make a Bitch Candle! Lather up with Bitch soap! The straight essential oil blend is perfect for just about anything. We recommend running a diffuser with this on your desk at work. You know why. We know why. Don't you deserve a pleasant workday?

And if subtlety isn't your strong suit, Spray that Bitch Away! 

Use all 3 in tandem, or gift 2 and keep your favorite version. A spray a day keeps the bitch away.